20 Weeks for 20 Years of Fandom Project

Posted by Zelie | On: Jan 15 2015 | Comments (0)
Whoa, wait…a new post? It feels weird to actually be updating this after so long.  This site has mostly turned into a multimedia archive due to life being, well, all life-y.  Full-time job, personal obligations, and graduate school have made for a very,...

Chris at CBS TCA 2012 Party

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So, apologies, but apparently the gallery is down.  I’ll get on that as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy some fresh pics of Chris last night at the TCA 2012 party for CBS:

Videos Back Up!

Posted by Zelie | On: Jun 23 2012 | Comments (0)
For the most part, videos are now back to the site!  The gallery script was overloading my host with scripts and queries, so let’s see if this works. For now, videos are listed as blog posts.  The video part of the site is password protected – so...

Gallery’s Back, plus Facebook Community!

Posted by Zelie | On: Jun 18 2011 | Comments (0)
The gallery is back up! Hopefully it stays that way. I took the random thumbnails feature off to save resources, which will hopefully be enough to slow down the queries for my host. Also, according to the poll a while back, you guys preferred to have a community...

Gallery Offline

Posted by Zelie | On: Jun 13 2011 | Comments (1)
I know I’ve been inactive on the site.  I’ve been doing my best to keep up on Twitter, though, so be sure to visit that page even if you aren’t a follower.  I just wanted to update you guys on a recent site change. For right now, and hopefully...

TV Appearance: Chris on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Posted by Zelie | On: Apr 28 2011 | Comments (1)
Chris is returning to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live next month on May 11th! Huge thanks to Chris himself for confirming! Off topic: Please vote in this poll if you haven’t already. I still don’t have a solid enough response to take action, yet. Thanks...

TV Appearance: Chris on Conan

Posted by Zelie | On: Apr 03 2011 | Comments Off
Chris is scheduled to stop by Conan on April 11th. Conan airs on TBS, so check your local listings! That’s just one week away!

Poll: What video formats are best for you?

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Since playing videos through the Coppermine Gallery script has become easier, I was thinking of revamping the Videos section of the site.  Nothing major, just perhaps have videos with better quality.  To optimize the site’s compatibility with all users...

Chris on Twitter

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I updated the Links page to reflect Chris’s new handle on Twitter. He can now be found at @chrisodonnell instead of @ceod.  He’s nearing 1,000 followers already — hundreds of which started following him in the past few hours.  Go join in the...

Aaand, We’re Back! (Mostly)

Posted by Zelie | On: Mar 23 2011 | Comments (2)
So, yes, as you can see, the site’s pretty much back up.  Thank you to all of those who visited the gallery and video vault, as well as sent me some e-mails and chatted via Twitter during the site’s extensive downtime.  When I originally went on hiatus,...