Poll: Socializing Tools

Posted by Zelie | On: Apr 10 2011

A bit back, I was asked if the forum/message board would ever return.  For awhile, I thought the answer would be “No.”  It was rarely used, save for the lovely spambots I had to nix on a daily basis.  But, this site is for you guys.  If there’s interest in a forum, I’ll do it.  However, these days, a forum isn’t the only way to talk to each other and hang out.  So, I’m opening up the floor to you guys, again.  Please vote in the poll below to let me know which, if any, social tool you’d be interested in.

What socializing tool would you like for this site?

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  1. Oh! I love Chris!!! From MÉXICO! :) peace&love

  2. lynne says:

    i’m a chris o’donnell fan from wales’ i love his character G Callen in ncis la, and have since bought many of his films on dvd. i am praying that there will be a third series of ncis la because it is brilliant and my favourite programme on tv