Videos Back Up!

Posted by Zelie | On: Jun 23 2012

For the most part, videos are now back to the site!  The gallery script was overloading my host with scripts and queries, so let’s see if this works. For now, videos are listed as blog posts.  The video part of the site is password protected – so no user registration for now! Just type in watchchris at http://chris-odonnell.com/video and you’re good to go!

The videos are only available when you view the full post — they’re embedded after a “read more” jump.  So, click on the post title to view the whole post with the video(s).

I’m still trying to get tags working, so right now your best bet is to use the Categories links on the right.  Additionally, they have been uploaded in no particular order.  So, definitely use the Categories to browse by.

I haven’t gotten all of the videos that we used to have on the site uploaded yet.  But, I’m working on it.  There’s a lot of manual work, e.g. typing things out, to get these up and ready.  After a while, I went on auto-pilot — so if there are any errors, maybe mislabeled or file not found errors, please let me know!

Again, password you need to enter: watchchris.  Pass it on!

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