20 Weeks for 20 Years of Fandom Project

Posted by Zelie | On: Jan 15 2015

Whoa, wait…a new post?

It feels weird to actually be updating this after so long.  This site has mostly turned into a multimedia archive due to life being, well, all life-y.  Full-time job, personal obligations, and graduate school have made for a very, very busy webmiss.  Luckily, there are several sites around the web doing the heavy lifting as far as Chris O’Donnell fandom goes.  It’s been wonderful watching the fandom grow thanks to NCIS: Los Angeles.  I did want to note that I am active on and off on Twitter and now Tumblr. So, if there are any newsworthy items, they’ll probably be on Twitter. Be sure to check there.  (I know I also have a Facebook community that I’ve neglected.  It kept trying to link to my personal account too much despite my using different email addresses, etc. It creeped me out, so I kind of slinked away.)

So, what’s this post really about?

I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader of this post! Well, Batman Forever will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in June.  It was released June 9th, to be exact.  This is when I first became a Chris O’Donnell fan.  (I was a wee lass at the time.) I could go into my story, but maybe I’ll share that later on.  The point is, I wanted to do something to celebrate 20 years of fandom. I know some fans have been around since Scent of a Woman or The Three Musketeers days, but I also know many are like me and first noticed him in Batman Forever.  So, thanks to the scheduling feature of Tumblr, I am doing a 20-week long project leading up to June 9, 2015.  It’ll start the week of January 26th. I won’t have things scheduled ever day of the week, as that would be a lot, but it’s mainly going to be images and might say something about the work or list some trivia, etc., if it’s an image from a work. Videos and clips may come into play, I haven’t decided — plus I’d have to work out the logistics. Anyway, the definites are below:

  • Movie Monday
  • TV Tuesday
  • Fan Friday
  • Self Saturday (Candids wasn’t alliterative)

I’m going to do as much as possible this weekend before the new semester starts. Note: Stuff before 1995 will indeed appear. I wasn’t sure if the whole 20 years thing would be misleading.

Fan Friday

What’s Fan Friday? Fan Friday is how you can help! Yes, you! No, don’t look behind you. There’s no one there! What I’d like to do is feature something fan-related each Friday — be it an anecdote like the one I shared earlier about first becoming a fan, maybe you’ve met him, maybe you want to talk about why you’re a fan or you’re favorite role, etc.  For filler, I may scout for fanart/creations — feel free to submit your own for consideration, though! If for some reason I have more than 20 fans submit things, I’ll try and feature those things another way. To submit, either email me (chrisodonnellwebmiss [at] gmail . com – remove spaces and replace [at] with @, etc.), @ or DM on Twitter (username: chrisodonline), or send me a message/ask at the Tumblr.

Also, no need to join Tumblr (I go off-topic a lot, anyway). Posts will be sent to Twitter with links.  Maybe I’ll also create an archive post here or something, as well.

Anyway, I am excited to be doing this, and hopefully you guys enjoy it!

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