Disclaimer: Because it can’t be said enough, I have no affiliation to Chris O’Donnell.  This is just a fan site. Seriously.

Chris O’Donnell Online began way back in 2003 and was my first venture into HTML and site building.  I first saw Chris, like many people, as Robin in Batman Forever back in 1995.  I became a fan instantly and diligently caught up on his work.  (It was a slow process, but cut me some slack: I was only 8.) Maintaining the site has been an on and off process. I do apologize for the “off” parts, but life happens.  Hopefully the current “on” period will last a while.

A special personal thanks to Miranda, who has been my partner in crime this whole time.  Her Chris fan site inspired me to embark on my own, and she’s kept me sane during those times when it seemed like I’d never stop coding.

Now for the technical stuff.  The site is hosted by PowWeb.  The main part of the site is currently running on WordPress, with the Coppermine script being used for gallery and videos.  The current WordPress layout was done by Blogohblog, and customized by me.  I use the free program GIMP to make my graphics.

Also, I am always looking for help around the site for those wishing to contribute!