Uploaded: 14 x HQs for Photocall

Posted by Zelie | On: Apr 03 2011

Hey, guys, I just uploaded some HQs from a recent photocall (dated March 16, 2011) to the gallery! So, go check those out!

Also, side note: I’ve closed the poll about video formats. Thank you to all who voted! As a result, I will keep videos in the flash format, just hopefully I’ll have higher-quality versions.  Should I ever make videos available for download, they will be available in the .WMV format at the very least.  Any further input is always appreciated and encouraged!

A second also: Expect more gallery updates coming soon, especially in the form of HQ versions of previously-uploaded images!


  1. judy says:

    was there a description for the photocall event?was chris the only one there?

  2. JC says:

    Thanks! Lovely pictures of a beautiful man who is like a fine wine: he gets better with age.